DESIGNATED REALTOR® Membership Application

RCASENC Designated REALTOR Application
Use this form to apply for RCASENC membership. In order to be a member you must hold an active Real Estate license and you MUST hold REALTOR® membership. This means you need to be an active, licensed real estate agent or a licensed or certified appraiser to apply for this membership type.

Orientation Document

Allied Membership Application

RCASENC Allied Application
Use this form if you are not qualified to hold REALTOR® membership, but you are engaged in the financing, leasing, or constructing of commercial and industrial property(ies) or are affiliated with a governmental or quasi governmental agency.

Alliance Membership Application

RCASENC Alliance Request
Use this form if you are interested in the real estate profession, but your business is educational, public utility, local government, local economic development, or other similar business, but are not engaged in the real estate profession on their own account or in association with an established real estate business.